We are the Little Duck Daycare. It’s are job here to ensure your child’s safety. I, Eva L. Haines, a certified babysitter, is here to help. I have taken the home alone class, babysitting class, CPR class (was included with babysitting)and what to do with deep wounds. You might think, your kids, what do you do? How do you help? Well you see, we think it’s better to have it kid to kid, not a kid to adult. We think this because we are right at the point that most kids are at. 11 and up for babysitters, we can help these kids! Just say, they need help with some math homework. Well, we have that fresh in are minds because were still in school!

Not only are we a daycare, we also have party planners, summer camp, entertainment, traditional babysitting, tutors, and much, much, more. some people that work here are, Annika K., Connor M., and of course, Me!(Some names have not been listed because of privacy)