Girl Scout cookie time!

We all have had rough times through starting a business. That is what I am going through    right now. So make a new years revolution:

  • I will start posting more info about my business on wordpress.
  • I will print out posters and hang them up where I can.

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you! I am a girl scout and we are selling cookies!!!! If you live MN, Minnetonka-Vicotoria area, then come to me! I am part of girl scout troop 17124 of the Minnewashta Elamentary school.



Hi. We are the Little Duck Daycare. I am part of the LDD. We are dedicated to teaching kids in a fun way that they will enjoy. While we are almost getting this project off the ground,   this is one BIG step forward to getting this started. We are 11 and up on babysitters. We all   love kids and enjoy playing with them too. We also kinda have practice on kids EVERYDAY. We have bus buddies which are kindergartners that we do crafts with and we take them to the bus at the end of the day. We know they look up to us as a role model,a guardian, or even a parent! We hope you are interested in this. Thank you.

   Kid to kid…

                                             -Eva H: Leader of the LDD